Our story began several years ago when a group of local doctors noticed many Casper-area patients leaving the community, and sometimes the state, to meet their healthcare and surgical needs. Together, we created Summit Medical Center, a hospital dedicated to changing the way healthcare is delivered in Casper and beyond. Check out the wide range of specialties we offer.

Ear, Nose, & Throat

Our ENT doctors serve children and adults, providing a full spectrum of services related to treating disorders affecting the head and neck. Whether a simple procedure or more complex surgeries our physicians have completed advanced training in head and neck surgery; they provide specialized diagnosis and treatment, including same-day surgery.


Our gastroenterologists work to keep your GI tract healthy, providing advanced diagnosis and treatment options. We are convenient, caring and experienced. We know procedures like colonoscopies can produce anxiety, which is why our doctors will provide you with the knowledge you need to comfortably navigate any procedure.

General Surgery

Clinical excellence, comfort and convenience at a low cost are trademarks of general surgery at Summit Medical Center. Our general surgeons provide patients with surgeries ranging from gall bladder and hernia repair, to appendectomies and more. Our operating suites are equipped with the latest tools and technology to enhance patient care.


The health and wellness needs of a woman evolve over time. From adolescence, to reproductive years, and through menopause and beyond, your ongoing gynecologic care is critical to your well-being. Our GYN surgeons are experienced in the latest medical technology and education which allows us to deliver the highest quality and innovation in female surgical care.


Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world, at Summit Medical Center, we make sure your experience is anything but common. With Summit’s cataract surgery technology, you can feel confident knowing that your eyes are in good hands.


From kids to adults, our orthopedic physicians want to keep you mobile and active. Trust our experienced surgeons at Summit Medical Center to perform total joint surgery, treat bone fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts and complex sports injuries. Our orthopedic surgical team works together to provide patients with high-quality, personalized care.

Pain Management

Whether symptoms are chronic or acute, brought on by injury or disease, our pain management specialist provide an incredible range of services, including peripheral nerve blocks and epidural injections, to restore your quality of life.


Whether you need surgery to improve function or appearance, our surgical team will support you - from the waiting room to the recovery room. Our plastic surgeons perform both comprehensive reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.